Top 21 Questions to Ask a Girl – You’ll Not

August 24, 2018

August 24, 2018

9 Wht’s your ide of perfect dy? / If dy ws the lst dy of your life how would you spend it?10 Would you rther be smrt nd ugly or dumb nd beutiful?11 Ever hd rumor spred bout you?12 Wht movie deserves sequel?13 If you could lock up one person in mentl institution who would it be?14 Wht would you refuse do for one million dollrs?15 If ft clories cholesterol etc were not n issue wht two foods would you fest on?16 Cn you cook?17 Wht household chore hve you never done?18 Who is your most dmired thlete of ll-time?19 Wht niml or insect disgusts you the most?20 re you nice drunk or. You might ssume “well he’s quiet nd never mentions his mother becuse he doesn’t like opening up me” but then you find out she hd pssed wy from cncer nd suddenly it ll mkes sense You would never know this unless you’re relly close These re very serious pics for nyone tlk bout nd it truly tkes trust revel this kind of informtion But if you cn comfortbly tlk on this level then you hve relly reched the pinncle of personl connection These will mke ny mn with bd pst squirm trust me! But if you come off s cool nd respect his honesty there’s not much else he’ll ever feel uncomfortble tlking bout sketchy or trumtic pst regrdless of who you re now is lwys hrd thing. This one my or my not hve the sme nswer s question 34 nd is probbly relted question 33 ll in ll though it’s gret question find out some of the things he’s done nd the things tht he thinks re importnt Question 36: Who re some people you only met once but they left big impression on you? Like the sying goes you re the sme person you were five yers go except for the plces you’ve gone the books you’ve red nd the people you’ve met So who hs he met tht chnged his outlook on life? Question 37: Wht do you think is the most common complint people in your country hve? Bsiclly n open door politicl discussion Which cn be good or bd depending on wht you re fter So mke sure use this question with cution! I relly like this for long time nd he finlly me out for ! i m very nervous becuse i don’t hve ny ide of wht him these nd tips re exctly wht i needed void boring converstion. When you hve some ide of wht you wnt mn revel you you might be disppointed when he does not sy wht you wnt him sy But imgine how horrible this would feel him if he knew tht his responses disppointed you? Don’t hve expecttions; simply be present in the moment You must be good listener: This is very importnt: if you wnt mn open up you you must be good listener The good news is tht being good listener is the esiest thing in the world The thing is being good listener isn’t so much bout wht you do but rther wht you don’t do … Plus you might lern something you didn’t know bout fmous hisricl figure Or you could skip this one if you both couldn’t cre less bout hisry If you do decide go for this one be sure do bit of reserch nd find one if you don’t lredy hve one in mind Question 19: You re in chrge of mking insects populr food item You hve 1 billion US dollrs chieve your gol How do you do it? Here is nother cretive one You cn see how quickly he cn think on his feet nd how cretive he is t solving problems Sure it’s bit of rndom question but it’s fun wy tlk through some cretive ides Plus solving problem gether is gret wy hve converstion tht doesn’t feel forced Question 20: Wht is the highest pressure sitution you hve experienced nd how did you. Would you trvel foreign country ll by yourself? If Sttes could who would be in who nd why? Wht’s something commonly done tht if you explined it someone outside of your culture would sound completely insne or t lest relly bd ide? Wht would you recommend someone if they hd the dy off nd didn’t know wht do? Wht do you imgine the lives of super rich people re like? Wht’s the biggest “scene” you’ve seen someone mke in public? Wht fictionl chrcter did you / do you hve the hots for? Wht’s your best < href=" /">podcst recommendtion? Wht hppens more often thn you’d like? Wht genetic modifiction would you most like hve? Wht ws something you loved but it never relly ok off or ws ended before it’s time? Who would you wnt ply you in movie bout. I tlly gree tht these will open new door i would like get little closer my mn nd these personl cn definitely help thnks for shring. Question 41: If you could become the number one expert in one niche field wht would it be? Perfect for finding out more bout his interests nd perhps even some of his gols Who knows you both might shre n interest in the sme thing or you might hve never herd bout it Either wy it’ll give you both lot tlk bout! Question 42: Wht ws the worst purchse you’ve ever mde? Kind of rndom question but it cn led some relly interesting nswers Plus t the very lest you’ll lern bout something you shouldn’t spend money on! Question 43: Wht did you think ws silly until you. Wnt find out whether the mn you re with loves you or not? < clss="bold" trget="_blnk" href=" /quizzes/does-he-love-me-quiz/?L=personl3">Click here tke our quick (nd shockingly ccurte) “Is He Losing Interest” Quiz right now nd find out if he’s relly losing interest in you… Tke The Quiz: Does He Love You? < clss="nopin" rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk" href=" /does-he-love-you-quiz/01/question/?L=personl4"> Wht would be the bsolute best pet hve? Wht’s piece of dvice tht you wish everyone would tke hert? Wht’s one thing your lerned this week? Wht’s the dumbest rule you’ve been forced follow? Wht’s the most bsurd thing tht hs become relity for you? Do you think your childhood ws better or worse thn other people growing up in similr plce nd time? Wht’s your most common first thought when you wke up? If you hd disese nmed fter you wht would be the sympms? Wht rules do you mke for yourself? Wht’s one regret you hve? Wht’s the single most importnt thing you hve done in. < href=" /">Converstion Strters World world of converstion strters. < href=" /">How Get Wnt YouGet the nd Keep. There is < href="#More-----"> list of 150 more t the botm of the pge without commentry tht re still relly good If you cn’t find wht you re looking for in the p 50 you’ll find it in the list t the botm of the pge! So without further dely here re some qulity ! Question 1: Wht ws your best drop the mic moment? Who doesn’t like telling n wesome sry bout themselves? This will give your chnce tell you good sry nd is gret wy get him tlking It will lso let you know wht kinds of things he is in nd wht he considers importnt Question 2: If you could lern only one mgic spell but it could only do something mundne nd boring wht would the. Perhps you’d prefer PDF version insted of n imge? Here you go! n esily < href=" /wp-content/uplods/2016/09/List-of-----.pdf">printble PDF version of the first 50 Well those re ll of our But we’ve got lot of on the site so there re lot more choose from! Here’s why you’re looking for you like:You know you relly like this You wnt get closer him or just hve good :Wht do when you run out of things tlk bout?nd wht cn you over text keep converstion going with the you like?Fun cn be the perfect ice brekers nd converstion-strters nd re gurnteed mke you two smile nd hve good lugh gether. You two cn skip this one if you ren’t in the mood for serious discussion but I think you’d be surprised t how mny s will relly get in nswering question like this You cn discuss how societl norms might chnge or how it would ffect the progress of technology There relly re lot of directions you cn tke this question Question 7: Wht’s the worst nd best thing bout being mle? How much do you know bout wht it’s like being ? Well now is your chnce find out more I think you’ll be surprised t some of the nswers the you re tlking with will give You might lso try moving the converstion tlking bout some smll nnoying things bout being This question is relly gret becuse it’s lot of fun nswer nd you’ll probbly find out some things you didn’t know Question 8: Wht childish thing do you. I like tht you mde list of personl becuse lot of the lists out there just rndom … wht’s the point? If you’re going tlk someone it mkes sense lern bout them nd go deeper with them not just flp your gums for. Ing personl cn be bit tricky mke sure though tht you do not rect negtively things you personlly dislike be open listening wht he hs sy nd you’ll both lern from. He’s probbly never been ed this question before so be redy give him some time think You’ll probbly get n interesting nswer though either sry or fct tht you didn’t know bout him Question 11: If you designed nd built tree house wht would it look like nd wht would be in it? This one is probbly my fvorite in this list of It’s pure cretivity gold It’s gret becuse every secretly wnts < href=" /blog/wesome-tree-houses/">bd ss tree house get wy for themselves I don’t know wht it is but I’ve never met who hted tree houses. Someone sys< href=" /fun-----/#comment-56474" clss="comment-time-link" itemprop="url">2017/10/08 t 2:29 mHd lots of fun w/ these … Thnks! For exmple when I struggled with depression I hd “get over it” while my sisters sw slew of docrs nd therpists The honest truth is tht once sees there is no judgment from you he will get more nd more comfortble nd if he strts shring very personl sries with you nd sees tht you don’t look t him strngely he will shre more nd s this process continues he will become more nd more comfortble with you until he ctully shows his “full self.” I’m going give you some personl you cn throw out there elevte your reltionship s well s crck his ugh gurded exterior Use whichever you see fit Some re obviously little more serious thn others but nonetheless… Ll s drem of tree houses tht hve bridges nd rooms nd drop down ldders There is reson so mny men wnt build tree houses for their kids It’s not for the kids it’s for the dd Question 12: Wht movie do you wish life ws more like? nother question tht is fun nswer nd gets relly unique converstion going Just remember tlk bout the smll things tht would chnge s well Relly dive in how everydy life would chnge if it ws more like the movie he choose Don’t be frid tke it ridiculous level Question 13: Wht is the most interesting piece of trivi you know? He gets show off some of the things he knows nd you get lern some new stuff Try nd get him tell you something you don’t know It’s win win Question 14: Which celebrity would mke the worst leder of country? These re definitely going cuse rection so you should hve grsp on wht he’s seriously uncomfortble with before you For exmple when I ws younger nd “fresher” on the dting scene there were times I’d shut down nd get embrrssed bout nything sexul but if done right it relly breks the ice We’re ll humns we ll hve our “needs!” lso for mn there is definitely this weird thing bout lsting forever nd being the “best” in bed in ddition mssive fscintion with “size.”

Question 30: Wht’s your worst cusmer service sry either s the cusmer or s the employee? He probbly hs couple nd who doesn’t like good cusmer service gone wrong sry? If he’s worked in cusmer service field he’ll definitely hve few nd if he hsn’t he probbly hs some cusmer service horror sries from the cusmer side of things Question 31: Who hs completely lost your respect? gret question for seeing wht vlues he thinks re importnt lso gret converstion strter s there re more thn few celebrities tht hve fllen from grce Question 32: Wht’s the most effective wy for government control its people? Everyone likes think they re experts t lots of things But let’s be honest we re ctully verge or below verge t most things Just think bout how mny people will sy they re n bove verge driver little self introspection is lwys good thing Question 28: Wht is society doing now tht in 20 yers will be lughed t nd ridiculed? Just think bck 20 yers nd you’ll find plenty lugh bout nd tht’s how it’ll be 20 yers from now People will be lughing nd ridiculing lots of things tht re populr now So wht do you think “future you” will look bck on with disdin? Question 29: Wht double stndrd is ridiculous nd needs be ended? Lots of double stndrds choose from So now it’s time find out wht issues he thinks re importnt or whether he isn’t relly in societl issues. Wht’S something everyone should experience t lest once in their life? Wht stte / city would like move ? Wht’s your erliest memory? Wht do you think is the most confusing idiom for people lerning English? Wht re some websites you used use ll the time but hve spped using? Who would be the worst celebrity hve dinner with? Wht’s something obvious tht you never noticed until someone pointed it out? Wht smll thing mkes you ngrier thn it should? Wht one thing would you most wnt sve if your house cught fire? ssuming tht ny people or nimls mde it out sfely lredy Wht flvor combintion is kind of weird but you relly like it? Wht relly nnoys you when other people do it but you occsionlly do it s well? Where hve you trveled? Wht obscure website do you bsolutely love? Wht rndom cts of extreme kindness would you. Pid ENDORSEMENT DISCLOSURE: In order for me support my blogging ctivities I my receive monetry compenstion or other types of remunertion for my endorsement recommendtion testimonil nd/or link ny products or services from. By < href=" /uthor/dmin/" clss="entry-uthor-link" itemprop="url" rel="uthor">Lis Redfield < href=" /fun-----/#comments">5 Comments Here is gret set of get him tlking They re designed get n interesting converstion strted but still keep it reltively csul. Wht common piece of dvice or words of wisdom don’t ctully mke much sense? If you hd be stuck t one ge forever wht ge would you choose? Wht’s n exmple of modern msterpiece? Wht useless bit of informtion hve you memorized nd will probbly never forget? Wht quote hs lwys stuck with you? Wht’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen while driving? Wht would be the worst niml be eten by? On scle of existentil crisis living the drem how’s life going? Besides religion nd politics wht pic lwys gets heted in your circle of friends nd cquintnces? If you could show everyone in the world one imge for 10 seconds but it couldn’t contin text wht imge would you choose? Wht looks like it should tste better thn it does? If there were n Olympics for verge people wht would some of the events be? Wht would n exct opposite of you. One of the best wys flirt with over text is ply the clssic gme of embrrssment – Truth or Dre!Here’s my list of 81 < href=" /truth-or-dre--text/">flirty truth or dre for texting – enjoy!I hope you find them useful nd if you hve ny other ides for plese shre them with me…nd if your next step is getting your crush fll for you hed over hills < style="color: #0000ff;" href=" /mke-him-fll-in-love/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">here’s how do it.I’m sure I left out few gret wht re your ides for ? Shre with me in the comments People re just tht; people We re ll flwed certin degree nd probbly hve ll hit wll or two or t the very lest rod bump Tke deep breth nd relx ll good things come with time nd ptience whether tht be you find out he is not the right one for you the exct opposite of wht you re looking for or your reltionship deepens nd you find out he is the for you Essentilly getting know someone is the first mjor step in reltionship If I cn be cndid with womn my intended future will be bright nd hppy Don’t judge nd lwys be inquisitive You never know wht you might find out! One lst thing: These re ll gret personl but I wnt you question: These high level re perfect for me i’m seeing this but i relize i don’t know much bout other stuff he does nd i relly wnt know him better nd on deeper level i hope these work. You cn never judge book Life is crzy roller coster full of ups nd downs I recommend picking up on his up swing! Getting This Level is Rre These will definitely give some insight in who you’re dting or the mn you’re interested in If you’re ble get those “high level” you’ve definitely got rel close nd personl reltionship which.

Re you stressed nd frustrted when it comes flirting with ? Do you…Filed Under: < href=" /ctegory/dting/" rel="ctegory tg">Dting dvice < href=" /ctegory/love/" rel="ctegory tg">Love dvice by Lis Redfield Tgged With: < href=" /tg/flirting/" rel="tg">Flirting dvice by Lis Redfield Oky so I debted whether or not put this one in the list It’s little more deep nd serious thn most of the other So feel free throw it out if it’s not pproprite But it definitely cn led some very interesting converstions if either of you re t ll interested in politics or hisry But if you relly like this question you might try our < href=" /deep-converstion-pics/">deep converstion pics or < href=" /deep-----/">deep Question 33: If you hd choose one cuse dedicte your life wht would tht. These medium level re gret! they’re not o personl tht he would. Best evlute your position first of ll if you’re seeing the for while now you cn try ing him some personl tht my be intriguing you for long time now mke sure you both re in the mood nd comfortble so the converstion will be s. Wht’S the most useful skill you’ve ever lerned? If you were given the bility mke one new trend nd it be instntly populr wht trend would you crete? When ws the lst time you remember someone doing or sying something so stupid tht you were sure it ws joke? Wht ws the most hisric thing you witnessed in person or ok prt in? Wht do you know wy o much bout? If it ws decided tht ll countries would be bolished nd the entire erth would be one unified politicl body wht would be the cpitl city of Erth? Wht would its flg nd nthem be? Wht’s the best $5 you’ve ever spent? Wht movie relly encpsultes the er it ws mde it? Wht fictionl chrcter is portryed s hero but is ctully more like villin? Wht ws rndom compliment tht someone gve you tht relly stuck in your memory? There re 2 big turning points every womn experiences in her reltionships with men nd they determine if you end up in hppy reltionship or if it ll ends in hertbrek… do you know wht they re? If not py ttention becuse the next step tke is vitlly importnt t some point he’s going himself if you re the womn he wnts commit himself for the long term… Do you know how men determine if womn is girlfriend mteril (the type of womn he commits himself nd sty with) or if he sees you s just fling? If not you need red this next: < href=" /wht-men-desire-in--womn/?vtid=16382" trget="_blnk">The #1 Thing Men Desire. I’m currently seeing this this who isn’t o much of n dventurer like me i relly hope we could tlk bout the plces we wnt see nd trvel but i’m still witing for the. (Not sure if he is serious bout you? < href=" /know-he-is-serious-bout-you/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">Here’s how find out now)Overview If you could go bck in time nd inspire someone mke present-dy invention wht invention in wht time period would dvnce humnity the most? Wht’s your phone or computer wllpper? Wht’s your fvorite bord or crd gme? How bout your lest fvorite? Wht ws the worst thing you ever tsted? If you were ghost how would you hunt? Wht’s one smll thing you could do ech dy tht would gretly improve your life? Wht mkes you specil nd unique? Wht do you judge people for tht you probbly shouldn’t? Wht movie quote re you tired of hering? Wht would be the lst movie you’d like see before you die? Wht two things re you most pssionte bout? Wht must be seen or experienced in person relly pprecite it? Wht common ingredient or spice do you despise? Wht celebrities re most likely be jerks? How well cn you explin how. < href=" /privcy-policy-2/">Privcy Policy It is true tht men re not comfortble nswering personl bsed on my previous reltionships i hope this rticle would help me gin my boyfriend’s trust nd will mke him feel comfortble shring or discussing his personl thoughts with me thnks for shring. < href=' /shre?text=88+fun++++++you+like%21+%23dting&url= /fun-----/' trget='_blnk' clss='tm-ctt-btn'>Click TweetHere re 88 fun in ny cn be more thn just fun they cn unlock some secrets they cn tell you lot bout your crush nd they cn < style="color: #0000ff; text-decortion: underline;" href=" /things-tlk-your-boyfriend/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">strengthen your bond fster thn you’ve ever imgined. I lwys dvise not get in “hevy” converstions on the first few s Resist the tempttion bout his pst reltionships wht his ex like is nd wht’s his fvorite it csul nd light Here re some fun on :1 If you could be womn for one dy wht would you do in tht dy’s time?2 If you could commit ny crime nd get wy with it wht would it be?3 If your life ws turned in movie wht cr would ply you?4 Do you hve ny enemies?5 If you could be ny super hero who would it be?6 If you could trvel through time nd meet yourself when you were kid wht would you sy?7 re you hppy being single?8 Would you rther hve true love or win the lottery? These re pretty serious You never know wht someone’s been through nd I’m sure I’ve surprised few girls in the pst few girls hve definitely surprised me! This will rip the cover off the proverbil book nd relly expose who he is When You Get Close You Might Be Surprised I hve close friend who is very successful hndsome nd newly mrried If I wlked up nd ld you he hd been prison for ssult for beting someone up in fist fight you would cll me lir but it’s fct he regrets He hs bd temper nd hs hd issues with it in his pst He’s still gret fther nd mzing friend Lerning bout loss cn lso relly help you decipher his chrcter. You will find mild personl tht re “sfe” nd won’t offend nyone unless they’re insne mild for when you re getting know somebody high level for when you know somebody well nd wnt go deeper nd finlly super personl for when you’re either in reltionship or seriously pursuing one Strting Out Personl Medium Level High Level Super Personl (Mximum Level) Quite simply coming from mn’s perspective emotions cn be wkwrd for men I know tht growing up crying for me ws “no no…” nd so ws ny sort of complint reltive pin or emotion < trget="_blnk" href=" /dting-reltionships/----/">225+ mzing : The Ultimte List < href=" /dting-reltionships/--get--know-someone/" rel="noopener" trget="_blnk">230 Get Know Someone: Most Effective < href=" /dting-reltionships/------get-closer/" rel="noopener" trget="_blnk">20 You Like Get Closer < href=" .com.u/dolly-docr/things--tlk-bout-with---9178" rel="noopener" trget="_blnk">50 < href=" /----/" rel="noopener" trget="_blnk"> [Best Dirty Interesting wkwrd Flirty]

The fct tht it is rrity should show you tht not being ble connect on this deep level with everyone doesn’t men you’re bd t connecting It’s not “norml” be this comfortble with someone! So when you do rech this level of connection it’s specil Now erlier I mentioned I would elborte on how not everyone is good mtch nd how everyone hs their own type Quite simply put… not everyone is comptible Frnkly mny people re o wrpped up in their own heds function in “rel” reltionship Sure you cn nd hve officil reltionship titles… but hving true personl connection requires trust nd the bility step outside your own hed in order truly listen the other person. Notify me of new posts by site uses kismet reduce spm < href=" /privcy/" trget="_blnk" rel="nofollow noopener">Lern how your comment dt is processed. When you try tlk through text ing him like “wht’s your celebrity crush nd why” is big no- g converstion over text in mnner tht would seem nturl hs strt with “current ffirs” (the ltest news relity show hppenings etc).(See how < href=" /flirt-with---over-text/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener">flirt with him over text HERE)Text is not the plce him how mny times he checks himself out nked in the mirror every dy.1 Wht’s your fvorite sport nd sports person?2 Wht’s the weirdest text you’ve ever received from girl?3 Tell me the truth…how mny selfies do you hve on. Question 49: Wht ws the weirdest hbit you hd s child? ll kids re weird in their own wy He ws weird o when he ws kid So now you cn find out some embrrssing nd probbly things bout his childhood Question 50: Wht is the most irritting food? Yeh this one is little bit of n odd one go out on But I like it nd it’ll probbly led some nswers 150 Extr If you could level up in life just like in video gmes where would you put your next skill point? Wht hve you done wrong for most of your life nd only recently found out the right wy do it? How does your definition of “rel mn” differ from the minstrem stereotype of “rel mn”? Wht video gme do you wish life ws more like? Wht’s the best prnk you cn ply on someone? For me ing tht re relevnt nd fun tlk bout re your best options strt with these types of converstions nd you’ll see you’re relly going succeed nd go. Lots of different nswers this one so it’s pretty hrd guess wht kind of nswer he’ll come up with But it’s gret little question get converstion going or t lest come up with some complints you cn both commiserte bout Question 25: Wht’s the biggest doubt you hve? We ll hve doubts Whether those doubts re bout the world t lrge or ourselves This one cn relly led serious converstion but shring doubts cn be n excellent wy of creting strong bond between two people Question 26: Wht would you NOT do for 5 million dollrs? This is fun one nswer nd it cn tell you lot bout the s well You cn find out wht morls he considers be most importnt nd wht ctivities he finds detestble Question 27: Wht do you think you know lot bout but probbly don’t? Keep In Mind These tke it smll step up nothing o personl but definitely bove ing whether he hs sister or not lso you cn tell lot bout someone from their injuries Wht if he ws soldier professionl or college thlete? It’s lso good bout his type or pet peeves becuse then you know if he’s even going be mtch or not if you hte wht he sys don’t rect just understnd who he is nd who you re See if you lign nturlly nd if not it’s no one’s fult Don’t tke it personlly Not everyone is ment for ech other! This is obvious I know but I will elborte on this more. Sure it’s little similr the doubts question but it cn led some relly interesting nswers The nswers cn get bit serious nd drk but I relly do think this is gret question It’s question tht everyone should occsionlly think bout We should lwys be questioning our beliefs nd trying find truth even if it cn be bit uncomfortble Question 47: Wht signs mke you think someone will go on be successful? This seems like simple nd stright forwrd question but it ctully tells you lot bout wht trits he vlues in other people nd it cn lso tell you lot bout wht he thinks success is Question 48: Wht’s the most unusul but fun experience you’ve hd? gret question s Why? Becuse s I cn tell you we do some incredibly dumb nd unusul things in the nme of. These re very deep nd just perfect if you relly wnt know your better you will lso be ble test your comptibility by. If time wsn’t n issue nd you hd forever mster skill wht skill would you mster? Wht ws the biggest mistke in hisry? Wht re some fun euphemisms for everydy ctivities? If you wnted give urist the locl flvor of where you live wht would you hve them do? Wht does friendship men you? Wht would be the worst thing hve phobi of? Who or wht do you lwys hve time for? Wht re two things you’ll never spend money on? If you could mke everyone in the world believe one thing (regrdless of whether it’s true or not) wht thing would you choose? Wht do you need rnt bout or get off your chest? Wht’s the best bd decision you’ve mde? Wht could you give two-hour impromptu lecture on? Wht cn movie do mke you get up nd wlk out? Wht re you so incredibly terrible t tht you’ve given up ever doing. These re mzing! i will surely lern more bout the preferences nd personlity of my potentil i might get the nswers tht i m looking for thnks for shring. Wow! these re gret for my boyfriend i find it relly hrd get pst of the i him every dy nd this rticle could relly help me will shre with my girlfriends o! These icebreker re wesome! i cn use these when i see my crush gin we usully bump in ech other nd exchnge few his nd hellos so i’m hoping we could tlk bit more so i’d get know him better nd. 34 Who ws your first crush? 35 Wht’s the menest thing you’ve ever done someone get bck t them?36 Do you sve money or spend it? 37 Wht mkes you relly sleepy? 38 Wht is the nicest thing someone else hs done for you? 39 Wht would you do if you didn’t like your mte’s new girlfriend? 40 Wht’s t the p of your post-school bucket list?Be sure check out my< href=" /dting-mistkes-women-mke/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer"> post bout the worst dting mistkes women mke nd how. Strt with these icebreker specilly if he’s usully shy or the type who don’t open up t once the list is relly gret in setting. These re simple very bse level The key is tht usully the will respond with similr bout you nd you’ll definitely gin some comfortbility just from the fct you hve n ide of who he is nd n inkling bout. 4 Wht’s your fvorite sre you like go ?5 Wht’s your lest fvorite clss/techer?6 Wht do you do when you’re bored?7 I’ve just finished doing…(this nd tht) Wht re you up ?8 Did you ever get dumped over text?9 If you find $100 on the floor right now wht would you do with it?10 Wht’s your fvorite relity show?11 Do you think you could give up technology for week?12 Wht’s the most-plyed song on your iPod?13 Wht’s the lmest joke you’ve ever herd?14 Would you prefer dy t the bech or movie mrthon? I recommend strting smll- don’t scre him off wht I would cll “premture personl question” cn be dedly mistke it cn even come off s intimidting or rude This is very importnt Ctegories of s I mentioned the rticle is orgnized in ctegories This is becuse of wht I just mentioned… how importnt strting off. Serch. We ll hve things tht we crry over from our childhood nd I’m sure he does o He might not dmit it but he probbly still likes peeing in the snow nd building snd cstles This question is likely get you some cute nswers Remember you don’t hve limit it just one childish thing you cn get him list off more Question 9: Wht movie cn you wtch over nd over nd never get tired of? He’ll definitely like telling you bout his fvorite movie nd more importntly you’ll lern wht types of movies / shows he likes This question is esy expnd upon becuse you cn strt tlking bout fvorite movies nd TV shows s well s movies or shows you hte Question 10: Wht long shot hve you tken tht relly. I think strting out with simple nd not o personl will give you both good feeling bout ech other Do not try o hrd tht it feels like he’s in for n interview this will only mke him feel. Serch Vixen Dily Follow. Similr the drop the mic moment question this one will give him chnce tell you bout sry tht is importnt him Just know tht there will probbly be some exggertion nd embellishment hppening when he tells you the sry even if he doesn’t men Memory is severely flwed thing fter ll! Question 21: Wht’s something you were relly stressed bout it turned out be no big del? fun question nswer but lso very informtive You cn find out wht types of things stress him out nd you cn lso see how high strung or lid bck he is Plus it’s nother chnce for sry nd lmost everyone likes telling sries bout themselves Question 22: Wht re you tired of hering bout? 11 Cn you fke ny ccent? If yes would you show me?12 Wht is the best sports stdium/ren you hve been ?13 Wht’s the lst thing you rgued with your prents bout?14 re you plnning on studying fter Yer 12? 15 Do you ever et food tht’s been dropped on the floor?(Btw if you hve no clue whether this is in you t ll < style="color: #0000ff;" href=" /does-he-like-you/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">here’s how know if he. Copyright  2018 · < href=" /themes/lifestyle/">Lifestyle Pro Theme On < href=" /">Genesis Frmework · < href=" /">WordPress · < rel="nofollow" href=" /wp- ">Log in These ides re so wesome nd i love the fct tht they’re ctegorized for everyone in ny sitution or phse in the reltionship very well-thought of! This question hs lot of possible nswers but relly mke it fun tlk bout how he would be ble sp people finding out he ws frud Sure it sounds like the plot for bd comedy movie but still it’s fun question nswer Question 5: Who or wht is your nemesis? We ll hve things or people tht we bsolutely hte I’m sure he does o nd since everyone loves tlking bout wht nnoys them well this is gret question get converstion going If you wnt you cn encourge or silly nswers; like jrs tht don’t open or YouTube videos tht lod ds perfectly but not the video You cn esily move the converstion lighter rnt bout generlly nnoying things Question 6: Wht would be the consequences of scientific discovery tht extended the life spn of humns. Nme * Emil * Comment Fun question tht cn led some relly cretive nswers Some exmples might be: unclog drin mke st slightly more brown unjm copier etc You could further the converstion by trying think of the incnttion tht would go with the spell Question 3: You wke up suddenly in the middle of the night Wht would be the scriest sound her fter wking up? It’s gret becuse it might give you some insight in wht he is frid of Either tht or you’ll give him chnce mke you lugh if he wnt’s mke it in joke Either wy it’s fun question nd one tht mkes follow up esy You cn tlk bout mping up scriness of the sitution tlk bout his other fers or perhps try find fers you hve in common Question 4: Wht high level job do you think you could lie your wy in with no experience nd no one would notice? If your is the quiet type don’t hesitte open up nd still him like this but lwys be creful how you strt the converstion nd mke sure he’s in the mood nd not stressed. With 24 hour news cycle there’s lwys some news sry or phenomenon tht’s pst its interest expirtion him this question nd you cn see wht types of things he doesn’t hve ptience for nd it will lso let you know wht pics void in converstion Question 23: Wht three events mde the biggest impct on who you re dy? One of the best you cn It will let you know little bit more bout his pst how he views himself nd wht he considers importnt Plus it’s fntstic becuse there re endless follow up you cn bout these cornersne events in his life Question 24: Wht is something tht most people. Does He Love You?< trget="_blnk" href=" /quizzes/does-he-love-me-quiz/?L=personlCB" clss="fncy-teserbutn">Tke. Remember every is different so pick nd choose which you think will work best for your or pick tht you relly wnt know the nswers Sometimes though you’ll be surprised t which will find interesting So even if question seems like something he wouldn’t be interest in it might be worth shot s I cn vouch for the fct tht no mtter who the is he will find t lest some of these interesting Oh nd before we strt remember lots of follow up find out more nd keep the converstion going nd if you’d like n imge or PDF of the first 50 without commentry scroll down the botm we’ve got both witing for you List of These first 50 hve bit of commentry nd re wht I consider be the best of the best But there re so. So wht do you do? You give him spce sy whtever he wnts sy (or not sy) nd you simply be there with him in the moment s he’s tlking Tht mens you’re not cught up in your hed thinking bout wht you wnt sy next You’re not thinking bout something else You’re not eger for him sy something tht mkes you feel good No you’re out of being cught up in your mind-chtter nd simply hve your ttention on him giving him spce When you do this he will feel like it’s sfe open up you nd he’ll feel tht you will truly her wht he’s sying When you give someone your full ttention nd spce spek it cn be incredibly heling for tht person nd crete n extremely powerful bond. These re pproprite only if you’re lredy dting the or you feel comfortble enough round him.1 Wht is the worst thing tht somebody hs wlked in on you doing? 2 Wht is your biggest turn on?3 Wht’s the crziest plce you ever hd sex? 4 Hve you ever cheted on your prtner? Did this person ever find out nd if so wht hppened? 5 How often do you exmine your nked self in the mirror?6 Nme plce on your body where you re most ticklish? 7 Would you kiss girl on the first ? 8 Ever tried online dting? Worst experience?9 How would you feel if your girlfriend hd best friend? 10 If you hd mke out with friend of the sme sex sve the world from liens whom would. Do you find yourself running out of things tlk your boyfriend bout? Does… Nd the second big problem mny women fce: Do you feel he might be losing interest going cold emotionlly or pulling wy? If so then you need red this right now or risk losing him forever: < href=" /-is-pulling-wy/?vtid=16382" trget="_blnk">If He’s Pulling wy Do This… Wnt even more question lists ? Whtever secrets my mn is hiding inside i cn esily find them out by ing these i wnt him be comfortble shring his thoughts with me nd hopefully ing him these. Smsom sys< href=" /fun-----/#comment-38543" clss="comment-time-link" itemprop="url">2015/08/23 t 8:32 pmlove these ! Seemingly simple question tht sometimes cn led relly long discussion Tht’s becuse usully behind every broken or lost phone there is sry Either tht or he is just super clumsy or forgetful which is lso good know Question 18: Which hisricl figure wsn’t s mzing s most people think they were? I know not everyone is in hisry But even if he hs only pssing interest in hisry he’ll probbly like this question fter ll like they sy “Gret men re seldom. Wht relly mkes this question fun is imgining wht the celebrity would do once they were leder nd wht kinds of lws they would mke This one is lwys gret for lugh keep the converstion going keep switching out the celebrity Question 15: Wht were you relly in when you were younger but now think is silly? Find out wht embrrssing things he ws in when he ws kid Gret mmo for some good ntured tesing lter on Question 16: Wht is the most useless thing you know how do? Wht kind of hidden tlents does he hve? This is lwys gret becuse usully he cn show you We ll hve silly nd useless tlents now you cn lern bout his! Question 17: How mny phones hve you broken. 11 If you hd explin bout the birds nd the bees child let me her how you’d go bout explining it them?12 Wht is the one thing womn should never do? 13 Wht is the first thing you do when you get out of bed? 14 Wht’s under your bed? 15 Wht do you wer bed? 16 Would you consider yourself obsessed with nything/nyone?17 Hve you ever been sod up?18 Hve you ever broken someone’s hert? 19 Ever been in love with 2 people t the sme time?20 Wht is the best compliment you hve ever received?21 Who would you wnt be tied for 24 hours?This concludes my ultimte list of fun question Did. Sve my nme emil nd website in this browser for the next time I comment Notify me of follow-up comments. Thnks for the guidelines o will try ing these < rel='nofollow' clss='comment-reply-link' href=' /love/personl-----/?replycom=46533#commentform' onclick='return rm( "comment-body-46533" "46533" "commentform" "16434" )' ri-lbel='Reply chloe'>Reply < clss="comment_permlink" href="#comment-46533" title="permlink this comment" rel="nofollow">Link < rel="nofollow" id="cncel-comment-reply-link" href="/love/personl-----/#respond" style="disply:none;">Cncel reply Leve Comment Rooting for y,Lis(function(d s id) { vr js fjs = mentsByTgNme(s)[0]; if ( mentById(id)) return; js = lement(s); = id; = " .com/form/61 "; Before(js fjs); }(document "script" "weber-wjs-76erl5snx")); 4 Wht’s the worst lie you ever ld? Did you get cught?(Red: < style="color: #0000ff;" href=" /why-men-lie--women/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">Why Men Lie Women)5 If you could chnge nything bout you or your life wht would you chnge now?6 If you could chnge one thing in your pst wht would you chnge?7 If you could chnge your nme nything in the world wht would you chnge it ?8 If you could tke girl nyplce in the world where would it be?9 Wht body prt would you chnge on yourself if you could?10 If your house ws on fire nd you could only sve one thing wht would. Wht’S the worst injury you’ve ever gotten? Would you volunteer go colonize nother plnet if it ment you would never return erth? Wht would be the worst sre hve $1,000 gift crd for? When ws the lst time strnger mde your dy? Wht’s something you’re surprised no one hs figured out how do yet? Wht’s your cretive outlet? When ws the lst time tht things got little o rel? Wht do people idelize but relly shouldn’t? Who’s fmous for their tlent but relly shouldn’t be? If you could dd one rule tht everyone must follow when they use the internet wht would your rule be? Wht’s worse thn you thought it would be? Wht hve you relly wnted do for long time but hven’t done yet? Wht’s the worst slip of ngue you hve herd bout? Wht ctivity or hobby is so filled with hteful people tht it puts you off trying it? Spper Jne sys< href=" /fun-----/#comment-63261" clss="comment-time-link" itemprop="url">2018/05/24 t 6:33 mThe re quite fun… Loooove it! I would bout his childhood nd ll his fun memories in high school becuse i think these re the best dys nyone cn hve i think would know him better fter hering wht he hs sy nd sme goes. Bringing your reltionship deeper level hs lwys been tricky t Especilly if you hve boyfriend tht is tlly clmmed up bout tlking bout just bout nything personl You’d be surprised discover how mny men re ctully insecure when it comes nswering personl In the pst I definitely hd some difficulty with how I thought I ppered nd sounded wrds women Now fter multiple reltionships nd different experiences with mny types of women (shy girls quiet girls forwrd girls girls who dnce on tbles etc.)… s well s being ed nd responding just bout every question possible I’ve become very comfortble discussing my personl thoughts etc. I’m definitely guilty of being closed trp in the pst but some girls somehow just get me tlking Some people re right for ech other nd some people ren’t I know this is pinfully obvious but i just need stress this so you don’t think you’re in the wrong Being yourself is key nd I recommend ing you’d be comfortble with being ed s strters nd not ing ones you feel re mybe o uchy t tht moment. I’m sure your fmilir with green eggs nd hm Well now you cn find out his green eggs nd hm moment We’ve ll been in the sitution where something we thought ws stupid turned out be mzing nd who knows you might even get try something new nd mzing! Question 44: Who is your fvorite uthor? Oky this question is bit generic but it llows you find out how much he is in reding nd wht kinds of genres of books he’s in If he isn’t in book or doesn’t hve fvorite uthor tht’s lso gret know! Question 45: When you re dy dreming wht do you drem bout? Wht goes on in his hed when his eyes glze over? Well now it’s time find out! Question 46: Wht do you believe even though you know it’s probbly wrong? < href=" /wp-content/uplods/2016/09/List-of-----.png"> The secret hving gret converstion is open (s opposed yes/no ) nd nswer them yourself fter your crush hs one of these cn led good 30 minute converstion full of smiles nd giggles which will instntly get you closer your crush.1 Wht would you do if you could be invisible for one whole dy?2 Wht’s the funniest wy girl hs ed you out?3 Wht ws your first (ever) like?(Red: < style="color: #0000ff; text-decortion: underline;" href=" /tips--write-online-dting-profile/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">How Write the Best Online Dting Profile) < clss="nopin" rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk" href=" /does-he-love-you-quiz/01/question/?L=personl2"> Well this rticle is orgnized in specific ctegories so tht you know exctly wht sy in every “level” of connection. Copyright © 2015-2018 < href=" /">Converstion Strters World · ll Rights Reserved Question 38: Wht one question cn you someone find out the most bout them? question tht is gret on lot of levels It requires some thought nswer but cn led some gret converstions He’ll come up with question tht you cn both nswer nd you cn come up with your own question s well You’ll both lern lot more bout ech other Question 39: Wht is your closest close cll? This one is mostly get him tell good sry But it cn sometimes dig up some emotionl memories so use this question with cution Still it’s gret for getting know more bout him Question 40: Wht sries from your life will you tell your children bout (ssuming you hve children)? Here is nother gret one becuse it cn led some relly gret sries tht he’ll enjoy telling nd hopefully you’ll enjoy listening In this modern dy of distrction it is lso incredibly rre… so when you cn relly listen him with your full ttention nd relly giving him spce be s he is don’t be surprised if he strts feel very deep connection you like he’s never experienced before Wht if is quiet? The super closed off could be nnoyed (most likely t his own inbility muster up n honest response) or even shut down more becuse of his own insecurities Someone like this is probbly not for you Is tht bd? Does it men something personl bout you? bsolutely not Does it men something personl bout him? bsolutely not ll it mens is tht you re not good mtch Nothing more nothing less. If somehow i know the nd i relly like him i would go for it! i won’t shy wy from things tht relly mtter if you re ok with the then them he’ll ell you nywy if he doesn’t wnt nswer. 21 If you could be member of ny TV-sitcom fmily which would it be?22 If you hd dispose of ded body how would you do it?23 Where is the frthest plce you ever trveled in cr?24 Wht ws the first job you ever hd?25 Hve you ever cheted on test?26 Cn you uch your nose with your ngue?27 Wht rdio sttion do you turn when you re in the cr?28 Hve you ever been punched in the fce? Why? 29 Hve you ever broken bone? How?30 Wht is your most visited website? 31 Hve you ever been on diet?32 If you could work for nyone you choose who would it be? 33 re you closer your dd or your mom? Why? Bruno Rchuonyo sys< href=" /fun-----/#comment-53630" clss="comment-time-link" itemprop="url">2017/05/09 t 12:55 pmthese re wow,nd some re dilem in it Sorry for being so blunt but this is honestly how most. Remember mke sure you both re open nd comfortble before ing personl if he’s relly not in it he might. T this point I’m completely comfortble striking up nd hving ny kind of converstion with just bout nyone get the hert of the person In fct it doesn’t even cross my mind nymore The issue is there is no such thing s rel reltionship without relly knowing someone So how in the world do you go from smll tlk relly getting know someone in order mke more emotionl nd honest connection? Tke The Quiz: Does He Love You? < clss="bold" trget="_blnk" href=" /quizzes/does-he-love-me-quiz/?L=personl1">Click here tke our quick (nd shockingly ccurte) “Does He Love You” Quiz right now nd figure out whether the mn you re with loves you. We ll hve cuses tht we hold der Now you’ll be ble find out wht his is You’ll lso find out how ctive he is in chrity or volunteering But besides ll tht useful informtion it’s still fun question nswer becuse it relly puts wht we re doing in dily life in contrst with wht we wnt be Question 34: If you died dy wht would your gretest chievement be? gret introspective question tht everyone including you should themselves It’s esy get lost in the dy dy nd forget tht we’ll eventully die It’s importnt be reminded tht life is supposed be lived Question 35: Wht hve you done mke the world better plce. Wht’S your “bck in my dy we…”? Who is the funniest cr or ctress still doing movies or TV shows? Wht’s the best prt of your dy? Wht’s the strngest hobby you’ve herd of? Wht lnguge do you like the sound of even though you don’t know how spek it? Wht’s your fvorite movie from ech genre? Wht’s your definition of good humn being? Wht news hedline would you most like see? If you could run wy from it ll nd strt fresh somewhere new would you? If you were given $10,000 throw n mzing prty gthering or event wht would tht look like? When ws the lst time you felt completely out of the loop? Wht re some smll plesures tht mke you wy hppier thn they should? Wht’s something you boycott but don’t mke big del of boycotting? Wht socil medi post hs relly stuck. Wht’S the first thing tht you think when see homeless person? Wht’s the most ridiculous t you’ve ever seen? If you were n cr wht kind of roles do you think you would be good t? Wht’s the most prnorml thing tht hs hppened you? Wht movie would be better if the plot hppened in reverse? Wht’s currently legl but won’t be in ten or twenty yers? Wht would you like be the best in the world t doing? Wht hve you done lot but re still incredibly bd t? Wht re you o old for but still enjoy? Wht ws fun do once but you’ll never do it gin? If you could pick up ny one instrument nd instntly be virtuoso t it wht instrument would you choose? Wht’s your best one liner? Wht ws the lst mjor gol you ccomplished? Wht re some problems you relize re first world problems but re nnoyed by them nywy? Wht do you collect? If you relly like the just go for it these o they’re gonn be. Flirting with over text is scry isn't it? He cn't see her smell… You might be surprised know tht sometimes men re more insecure bout sex thn women This might sound insne but it’s true These types of will open new door nd yes they re definitely quite personl but hey you might dig the sme stuff without even knowing so tke shot! Just remember don’t come off o strong it cn esily be done cndidly smooth out ny possible hiccups I find coming off s “thirsty” is no go for both men nd women Thirsty bsiclly mens coming off s either overtly sexul point where it is not reciprocted nd the womn keeps persisting or hving n ir of despertion (which is bsiclly trying. Nd the second big problem mny women fce: Do you feel he might be losing interest going cold emotionlly or pulling wy? If so then you need red this right now or risk losing him forever: < href=\" /-is-pulling-wy/?vtid=16382\" trget=\"_blnk\">If He’s Pulling wy. I tried ing my these nd honestly i ws surprised by his nswers! i thought i knew him so well but it turns out tht i don’t nd these relly helped me discover the. One lst thing: These re ll gret personl but I wnt you question: There re 2 big turning points every womn experiences in her reltionships with men nd they determine if you end up in hppy reltionship or if it ll ends in hertbrek… do you know wht they re? If not py ttention becuse the next step tke is vitlly importnt t some point he’s going himself if you re the womn he wnts commit himself for the long term… Do you know how men determine if womn is girlfriend mteril (the type of womn he commits himself nd sty with) or if he sees you s just fling? If not you need red this next: < href=\" /wht-men-desire-in--womn/?vtid=16382\" trget=\"_blnk\">The #1 Thing Men Desire. Hving mn tht you cn be open with is gret if you feel like you lwys hve weigh things before sying them cn be ugh but going thru the list of personl here i cn sy it cn be just s esy s ny converstion. Ing personl n be tricky so it’s best strt with the icebreker ides listed here nd s you go long you cn use the rest of the on this list these ides re. Wht ws your fvorite cron when you were growing up? Wht re some things people hve selflessly done mke your life better? Wht do you own tht lot of people comment on? Wht’s your perfect burger? Which fictionl villin is your fvorite? You’re given $300,000 mke one room in your house or prtment ridiculously mzing wht room do you pick nd wht upgrdes do you mke? Hve you ever seen nyone pull the “Do you know who I m?!” crd? Wht re some boring gmes or sports nd how cn they be livened up? Wht gme do you lwys lose? Wht do you like do tht is trditionlly considered feminine? Wht’s the weirdest thing you used et s child? Wht ws the lst movie tht mde you cry? Wht smll stuff do you lwys swet? If you could dd 4 hours your dy wht would you spend tht 4. These re wesome but lwys keep in ind tht there re certin personl tht need be ed in prticulr time nd with the sitution the reltionship is in do not get o excited be mindful of your mn’s feelings. I m not relly gret t coming up with interesting keep converstions going especilly with so i m relly plesed come cross this rticle it will definitely help. Your emil ddress will not be published Required fields re mrked *CommentNme * Emil * Website Ozl sys< href=" /fun-----/#comment-59185" clss="comment-time-link" itemprop="url">2018/01/02 t 8:45 pmI love ll of these I ed him who he would wnt be tied for 24 hrs nd he sid me!. P.s Wnt know (for SURE) if he relly likes you? < href=" /does-he-like-you-quiz/?psdef">Click here tke our quick (nd shockingly ccurte) "Does He Like Me" Quiz right now nd find out how he RELLY feels bout you `; vx_rt_sub = ` P.S Hve you wtched our short video tht exposes the most common mistkes you might be mking tht sp mn's love ded in its trcks plus revels exctly wht do bout it? < href="/soulmte-switch-vixen/?cmpign=vxdps022016">Click here wtch.