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August 24, 2018

August 24, 2018

Cliff Clair and Russell Huxtable visit ir alma mater Hillman College with whole family college which Denise now attends is paying tribute to President Zachariah J Haynes on occasion of his retirement Clair sings "All Good Things Will Be Added Unto You" with Hillman choir Guest stars: Joe Seneca and Gloria Foster O is on hot seat when he comes home late from a cross-country meet and makes Huxtable family miss opening curtain of Vanessa's school play Cliff and Clair suspect that o is not telling whole truth about his tardiness so a Huxtable family court is convened with Vanessa as judge Clair as prosecutor Cockroach as o's defense attorney Rudy Kenny and Peter as jury and Cliff as surprise witness With an exam on William Shakespeare's Macbeth less than two days away o and his friend Cockroach scheme to pass test without reading play Meanwhile Huxtables enjoy some new-fallen snow by having a snowball fight and Cliff takes Rudy sleigh riding Olivia is upset because Martin is leaving for Orient After extracting a promise that he will not leave without saying goodbye Olivia hides herself in living closet hoping to delay his departure indefinitely rest of family prepares to welcome legendary African singer Miriam Makeba to Huxtable home But Ms Makeba almost gets lost in shuffle when Martin comes downstairs to leave Olivia is nowhere to be found and whole family abandons ir honored guest to search for six-year-old Kristy Puchko | Film | Cliff arranges a surprise European cruise for his parents and family chips in and arranges to have an oil painting made of elder couple from a photo of m as newlyweds But despite elaborate gifts Grandma and Grandpa are most impressed with children's home-cooked dinner followed by a rousing lip-sync rendition of Ray Charles classic Night Time Is Right Time featuring whole Huxtable family Denise applies to a local college only to be told that her Hillman credits will not be accepted She will have to enter as a freshman and need a tutor She bemoans fact that y will not give her credit for her "life experiences" – such as marriage and living at home with her parents Always on lookout for a shortcut to success Denise is enthused when she hears Olivia's teacher using rap music to teach children to count But she is deflated again when she volunteers to become teacher's apprentice and is turned down because she is without a college degree Guest stars: Max Roach and Suzzanne Douglass Huxtable family goes to mall to cheer Clair's entry in a winter squash contest Cliff encourages o Vanessa and Rudy to support ir mor's accomplishments but y see a visit to mall as a chance to pursue ir own interests And while y're supposed to be looking after ir younger sister o and Vanessa become distracted and Rudy is soon lost in mall Guest stars: Louis Nye as a rival entrant Huxtable family and friends celebrate Cliff's 50th Birthday Denise and Sondra come home from college to join festivities and try to make Cliff feel young by pointing out things that are older than Dad Clair throws a lavish dinner party for Cliff's 50th Birthday; but despite happy occasion she cannot conceal her dislike for one of guests – a friend of Cliff's who divorced a friend. S for NBC television sitcom Cosby Show aired from Septem to Ap re were 201 s and an outtakes special produced and aired spanning eight seasons Cast of Jersey Shore swore y would always do a vacation toger Five years five kids three marriages and who knows how many GTL sessions later Nicole Jenni Mike Pauly D Vinny Angelina Deena and Ronnie are back toger and on vacation in a swanky house in. Mtv gives viewers chance to conquer ir fears head-on with a refresh of Fear Factor Ludacris hosts this new installment which is tailored perfectly for a generation that is increasingly empowered -- while also more anxious than ever Filled with new stunts inspired by urban legends popular scary s and viral videos Fear Factor helps contestants confront ir fears while being pushed beyond ir comfort zones. Vanessa and her girlfriends are asking for trouble when y play alphabet game with a bottle of Scotch Vanessa chug-a-lugs her way to a miserable night of sickness and through a nasty hangover next day But Cliff and Clair decide to hammer lesson home even furr y devise an alphabet game of ir own that includes Rudy four shot glasses a bottle of booze (really tea) and a confused and extremely reluctant Vanessa Tori Preston | Film | Basketball coach Ray Evans (John Ritter) and his wife Alicia (Amy Yasbeck) have devised perfect game plan for birth of ir first child Baby book in hand over-anxious couple prepares for any contingency ir practice sessions run like clockwork But when first contractions begin Ray falls apart! Worse three hours into labor a stressed-out Alicia turns on him – blaming Ray for "her condition." Crushed Ray bails out It takes a whole lot of coaching from Cliff to get him off bench and back. Cliff and Clair look forward to a visit from ir old friends Scott and Jill Kelly (Robert Culp and Ann Reinking) Clair knows how foolish Cliff and Scott act when y are toger though and gives Cliff a warning two pranksters must promise to behave mselves and act like grown men – not silly boys – when foursome dine at a fancy restaurant Also o and Cockroach contemplate shaving ir heads so y can appear in a new hot. Dirty 30 sparked chaos Vendettas burned everything to ground and Final Reckoning will mold ashes into a new Challenge This is it: third chapter which will end epic saga that pushes our competitors to face consequences of ir actions All ir recent betrayals backstabbing and wrongdoings will come to a head and y must find a way to work toger with ir foes Will y be able to put aside ir issues and settle ir scores to take home crown and win $1 million? Cliff follows up his "lost weekend" food binge with a day of emergency fasting for his annual blood test and physical Despite his yeoman performance on treadmill results indicate that his overindulgence in hoagies chocolate soda and strawberry cheesecake must cease Meanwhile Denise is not fazed in least by her firing from record company She picks herself up dusts herself off orders a large cheese pie – and n gets hired on as a waitress in pizza parlor Excited that whole family will be toger for Thanksgiving Cliff anxiously waits for Sondra's arrival home from Princeton But instead of celebrating Sondra spends holiday trying to persuade her parents to let her go to Paris for summer When Clair gives o a pair of tickets to taping of a television dance show he invites Cockroach to go with him But later he must make a difficult decision when only one of m can be admitted to studio Meanwhile confronted with realization that he is only Huxtable who does not know "new math," Cliff agrees to take lessons from Vanessa Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | O wants to take flying lessons after he is impressed by a guest speaker at his school – a Tuskegee Airman When o asks Cliff's permission to fly Cliff jokingly reminds his son of all or professions he has considered in his young life Meanwhile a bossy Rudy introduces family to her first boyfriend a boy she clearly has wrapped around her finger O wants to go to Egypt for an archaeological dig so he brings hosting professor to dinner to help convince his parents. O is just one good grade away from Dean's List Fortified with devil's-food donuts and chocolate milk he is determined to cram for tomorrow's Economics final That is until he lifts his head from book in college cafe and locks eyes with girl of his dreams A serious Economics recession begins; o escorts Cheryl to a party instead of hitting books Yet even while close dancing his mind wanders to current indicators and Gross National Product Luckily Cheryl's a girl who can add things up; she encourages him to go home and finish studying When Cliff and Dr Harmon ditch ir wives to team up for charity pinochle tournament rejected spouses decide to enter tournament mselves But when wives defeat defending champs suddenly only Cliff and Jim stand between m and coveted trophy Meanwhile with Rudy as baby-sitter Olivia whines her way into staying up late and watching a horror But when ir overactive imaginations detect monsters in house girls take extreme measures to protect mselves When Clair baby sits for a newborn baby she yearns to have anor child of her own Cliff however does not think it is such a good idea In an effort to change Clair's mind he introduces her to Mrs Burke a patient of his who is expecting child number 13 But Cliff's plan backfires when Clair is struck by how good Mrs. Cliff and Clair look forward to reclaiming house as anor school year begins Cliff pushes Vanessa out door on her way to college n rushes Rudy off to school But Rudy's afraid that her prepubescent body will not measure up with or sixth-graders As Denise voices fears that Olivia's first day of pre-school will be traumatic Olivia blily announces "point me in direction of that school and I'm outta here!" Finally Cliff and Clair's peaceful afternoon is shattered when a weary o returns from his whirlwind 17-day European tour to literally kiss ir living floor After Sondra is ripped off by a conniving auto mechanic an incensed Clair goes to court to right wrong While Clair is preparing her court case Cliff plays family chef and cooks up some rar bizarre concoctions for dinner – leaving kids hungering for Mom's cooking Guest stars: David Smyrl as man in court Shawn Elliott as Mr Wilson Alan North. Huxtable family dentist Dr Burns (Danny Kaye) helps Rudy's friend Peter overcome his fears of dentists with his zany style of dentistry And Peter is not only patient persuaded by Dr Burns to jump into chair as Cliff gets a checkup of. Dustin Rowles | Film |

When o receives a mediocre grade on a history paper that he thought he aced his grandparents give him some insight on how to improve his grades When both Cliff's and Clair's parents come to Huxtable home for dinner o learns that subject of his history paper Civil Rights March in Washington D.C was a remarkable event that deeply touched lives of his parents and grandparents Cliff tracks down only living relative of his unmarried patient who is about to deliver her first child Her grandfar a 67-year-old former boxer named Ray Palomino is reluctant to get involved because he is afraid that his secret of being illiterate will be discovered But thanks to an emotional delivery meeting with his lovely granddaughter some prodding from Cliff and a waiting encounter with a retired English teacher who offers to coach him ex-fighter vows to make a "comeback" Tori Preston | Film | When Rudy interferes with o and Justine's chocolate mousse-making in kitchen o complains to Cliff that y are constantly being interrupted and are never alone Cliff suggests that o take Justine to a long foreign film with subtitles if he really wants to be alone with her When y cannot find one Justine decides to work to pick up extra money and o agrees to help a beautiful drama student rehearse a play But he gets carried away during a love scene and Justine breaks off ir romance Cliff advises o to beg plead and n "go to next level" if he wants to get her back But even o's howling like a dog and groveling at her feet fails to change Justine's mind Clair's teenage cousin Pam Tucker moves into Huxtable home triggering a period of adjustment for all concerned Although she appreciates upscale surroundings Cliff and Clair's rules cramp her style Weeknight parties are out and Pam is already said yes to an invitation from her boyfriend Slide She is sorely tempted to defy Huxtables' curfew willing to let punishment fit crime But while testing waters she begins to appreciate value of curfew and wisdom of its enforcers Steven Lloyd Wilson | Film | Everyone tries to keep Cliff from hearing about 50%-off sale at Jake's his favorite appliance store But ir efforts are to no avail; Cliff already has set his sights on an electric sander While at store Cliff hears Jake recount story of damages he had to pay to Stanley Rappaport his former friend (and now worst enemy) for a traffic accident It does not mean much to Cliff until Jake's daughter Cookie introduces Cliff to her fiance Jonathan Rappaport and begs Cliff to reconcile Jake with Jonathan's far Stanley Guest stars: Red Buttons E G Marshall and Audrey Landers It is an average day for Huxtables: Denise teases Clair on her lopsided work of art after two return from pottery class and Cliff talks o and Cockroach into writing an educational rap song for a class assignment But when Cliff's friend Dan (Samuel E Wright) confides about his troubles at home Cliff is reminded that average days are not to be taken for granted In exchange for helping older sister Denise with her school project o wants Denise to introduce him to her gorgeous friend Suzanne o immediately sets out to impress sexy 17-year-old Cliff is amused and Denise is distraught when love-struck o dazzles Suzanne with tales of sophistication in an effort to win a date with her But o's bubble bursts when Suzanne's burly boyfriend shows up at Huxtable home Olivia cannot understand why she must go to church when God obviously wants her to go to zoo with her friend But after spending some time with Cliff's visiting great aunt Gramtee (Minnie Gentry) Olivia decides that she would rar take part in family's togerness in church next day Mavis Staples leads choir and church in a rousing song Cliff's late-night eating habits finally bite back with a vengeance! His nightmare is filled with such Muppet characters as overstuffed talking sandwiches back-talking refrigerator denizens and a bloodthirsty mob of creatures in operating ater of Cliff's hospital It seems that Cliff is scheduled to perform a delicate operation for ir viewing pleasure but he somehow winds up on table as patient before waking up safe and sound in his. Kristy Puchko | Film | Jenelle Chelsea Kailyn and Leah are four teenagers learning that it's not always easy being a young mom Teen Mom 2 shows wide variety of challenges young mors can face as well as and daunting and exciting step of moving out to create ir own Mom: Young + PregnantAshley Brianna Jade Kayla and Lexi are five teenagers who must navigate complexities of pregnancy and becoming. Roxana Hadadi | Film | Andrew Roberts | Film | Cliff and Clair are concerned when y find a marijuana cigarette in o's schoolbook o is upset that someone has planted joint in his book so he goes out of his way to find culprit who set. Kristy Puchko | Film | Guest stars: Muppets performed by Steve Whitmire Dave Goelz Richard Hunt Kevin Clash Fran Brill voice-over by Cliff's friend Jeffery Engels (Wallace Shawn) When o and Rudy play wildly in house Vanessa warns m that someone is bound to get hurt o does not listen though and Rudy ends up with a bruise on her face If Cliff and Clair find out how Rudy got hurt o will be in big trouble Vanessa home from college announces "I'm engaged." "To do what?" Cliff asks dumbstruck Vanessa n reveals her year-long relationship and six-month engagement to Dabnis a college maintenance supervisor who is by his own admission "knocking on 30." Since Cliff and Clair did not know that Vanessa was even dating anyone news is a shock Cliff and Clair take turns confronting ir formerly level-headed daughter Clair voices concern about how far apart Vanessa and Dabnis are in age while Cliff questions Vanessa's "back door presentation of both her relationship and her fiance." Parenting is #1 topic of day around Huxtable home: Sondra and Elvin want to provide for twins in ir will After seeing a lawyer to draw up a will Sondra and Elvin narrow field of candidates for guardianship of twins Will it be Cliff and Clair or o? After Rudy oversteps her bounds and Clair reminds her who's in charge Rudy turns sullen and surly Cliff wonders what's boring Rudy besides fact that she is 13 and her parents are always wrong "It's whole world" Rudy reveals "It's everything." Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | Cliff is chosen to be honored with a very prestigious award: Physician of Year but on night of awards banquet Cliff is delayed in hospital delivery So a proud o accepts award for. Vanessa falls victim to a rumor circulating around school that her boyfriend Roy has broken off ir romance Rudy offers Vanessa some sisterly advice: be really tough remember that woman is boss and do not forget to tell him off! As her anxiety builds and her confidence deteriorates Vanessa becomes increasingly clumsy much to chagrin of everyone in her path Meanwhile Denise's prospective employer a photojournalist who is preparing a book on pygmy tribes persuades Cliff and Clair to allow Denise to accompany her to Africa Air is thick with competition as Cliff and his friend James Harmon go head to head in Petanque a French outdoor bowling game Clair and Nicole Harmon laugh over ir husband's competitiveness but men take competition very seriously Having broken up with Slide Pam sets her sights on Aaron a new student whose brains compassion and integrity are all top of class Meanwhile Alfred a nervous expectant far turns to Cliff for tips on how to play basketball with his future son Alfred also gets some insights from o on how boys view ir fars when it comes to sports And both Alfred and Cliff get an enlightening lesson from ir wives Finally Olivia announces her intention of becoming a doctor as well as a professional football player Boxes are packed moving van is loaded but Cliff still has his doubts "I've been burned before," he reminds Clair when she reports that Sondra Elvin and twins are ready to depart While Elvin and Sondra supervise unloading in New Jersey Winnie and Nelson remain with Cliff who would rar take a nap than look after twins A game of hide-and-seek ensues and Cliff knocks over grandfar clock breaking it By time Elvin returns Cliff is not a happy camper This may not be best time for Elvin to explain to Cliff that now he and Sondra have moved to New Jersey Elvin's family needs a second car – Cliff's station wagon Clair hosts a group of Hillman College alumnae who have gared to plan a testimonial for a much-loved professor While trying to come up with a way to describe colorful woman Clair and her friends reminisce about ir fun-filled college days Meanwhile Olivia persuades Cliff to get a "beauty makeover" in her new. Denise's friend Michelle thinks she has a medical problem and wants to keep it from her parents so she asks Cliff for advice This leads Cliff and Clair to question wher ir children would come to m with ir problems or seek outside help y hold a family forum to make sure ir children know lines of communication are always open But children pose some hypotical questions which give ir parents pause Guest stars: Stacey Dash as Michelle Denise's friend Clair is afraid Cliff will embarrass her at her book club meeting by pretending he read book being discussed Cliff insists he will finish book on time but Clair thinks he will try to fake his way through Also Sondra and Elvin entertain ir first overnight guests – Vanessa Rudy. Kids launch Clair's 46th birthday with a candle in her morning grapefruit and a litany of references to how good she "still" looks Cliff continues assault with a description of how 50 is "right around corner" and with a big sign that wishes her an (oops) "Happy 64th Birthday." Plácido Domingo provides one bright spot as he sings Bésame Mucho to her but later she must sit through an irreverent serenade from Cliff and a family "tribute" called When Mom Was My Age final indignity: Cliff tempts her to abandon her diet for not one but three calorie-laden whipped cream cakes Overwhelmed at Clair plunges hungrily into one of cakes – without. Babymania grips Huxtable household with Elvin videotaping every waking moment of his children's lives It turns out that Elvin can't stop to shoot a video When Russell shows up with eight tickets to a Michael Jackson concert Sondra convinces paranoid papa that it is okay to leave twins with "strangers" like Clair and Cliff for a few hours Clair gets called away suddenly on a case leaving Cliff to act as sole baby-sitter Eventually caring for two infants takes its toll and Clair returns to find three slumbering cherubs in living Cliff's story about how he and his mates cleaned ir floors in college inspires o and his buddies to strap soapy sponges to ir butts and slide across kitchen floor Unfortunately ir landlord (who lives directly beneath m) is not amused by ir ingenuity – he is too busy cleaning up water damage! o and his friends are evicted spurring Cliff into immediate action to have m reinstated (lest o be forced to return to Huxtable's already overflowing abode) O wants freedom to date or women but when his girlfriend Justine shows up at college hangout with anor guy o's attitude turns her off He tries turning to a voodoo expert Dr Lotus for help in removing Scott from picture but he cannot afford doctor's hefty fee When o asks Dad for money Cliff has a much better (and cheaper) idea He applies an old (and unbelievably messy) Huxtable family concoction to o's hands and face that is guaranteed to get Justine back – and teach o a valuable lesson Knowing Cliff's penchant for junk food Clair searches Cliff's favorite hiding places for chips and cookies before she leaves for a business trip All she finds are fruits greens and or healthful items "I've turned over a new leaf," promises Cliff With help of every condiment in refrigerator girls manage to make palatable Cliff's dinner of boiled chicken brown rice and steamed broccoli Later Sondra intercepts a late-night delivery of Buffalo chicken wings pizza and ice cream "Olivia," Cliff yells upstairs "That food you ordered is here!" But as Cliff downs his slice of pizza Clair calls from Washington Kayleigh Donaldson | Film |

© 2018 Viacom International Inc All Rights Reserved MTV and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. This docuseries follows a group of young adults confronting issues of love heartbreak betrayal class and looming adulthood as y spend summer toger in ir beautiful hometown Siesta Key Nothing is off limits while se friends figure out who y are and who y want to MomFarrah Maci Amber and Catelynn are four young women who must contend with challenges of morhood This series follows ir lives as y deal with relationships family support adoption finances graduating high school and starting college. Rudy and two girlfriends don makeup and trendy clos to crash " Exchange," an "Over 16" dance club in New York City Cliff and Clair overhear plan and decide to let m go – with Pam Lance and Charmaine as secret chaperones Since teen club is a big step down for m three mature high schoolers are praying that no one recognizes m A would-be Romeo tries to hit on Rudy and her friends; Lance steers him away without blowing his cover But when Pam wins a chance to dance with headline rapper J.T Freeze she completely loses. This is story of eight young adults who spend summer in hottest beach town on Gulf Coast Panama City Beach to party it up and put real world on hold for just a little bit longer This coming-of-age story captures very real thrill and angst of being young and trying to figure out future. Eager for extra cash Pam fills in for Cliff's regular assistant Everything is under control until Mrs Minifield bypasses hospital and arrives on Cliff's doorstep with contractions less than four minutes apart Meanwhile Kenny shows up to work on a school science project with Rudy and Stanley Hoping to make Rudy jealous Kenny has brought along his girlfriend of three days Deirdre Rudy sees right through Kenny's plan and so does Deirdre She dumps Kenny before paste is dry on ir model Only n does he realize that he actually likes Deirdre Guest star:. Clair's television career gets off to a rousing start when she is invited to be a guest panelist on a Sunday morning current events talk show She is a big hit with producers but cannot stand three insufferable chauvinists on panel with her Meanwhile poor Cliff is suffering prewithdrawal pains; Clair has purchased a beautiful new sofa for living and his favorite old sofa and chair are to be banished from house In a moving finale Cliff bids a sentimental farewell to his "old friends" Olivia in bed with a cold and laryngitis is miserable because she will not be able to sing at Grandma and Grandpa Huxtable's 55th wedding anniversary Despite exotic home remedies suggested by steady stream of would-be "doctors" in house it is Cliff who actually saves day by finding a way for Olivia to "voice" her feelings at party Meanwhile longtime sweearts Lance and Charmaine reminisce about high points of ir romance But ir fuzzy memories are no match for Aaron's total recall of even most obscure events in his and Pam's four-month relationship Opening sequence in this season features cast in Caribbean-style clothing dancing on a veranda to an orchestral version of Kiss Me arranged by James DePreist and performed by Oregon Symphony Orchestra This opening credit sequence choreographed by Geoffrey Holder is only one during series' entire run that featured whole cast dancing toger first seven s feature a closing me version of this orchestration This version is identical to one used to open show remaining fifteen s closed with a funk/jazz version. When a neighbor asks Cliff to return his prized power drill Cliff promises to return it later that day But Cliff n spends day frantically searching house realizing he has no idea where he put drill Also o and Vanessa help Rudy prepare a haunted house for her Halloween party Time marches on but some things never change Cliff rents his favorite children's s for Rudy's party but Rudy prefers more contemporary titles Rudy patiently explains facts of life "It's a New Age Dad – get with it!" and asks for permission to go to bed when she feels like it instead of at 9:30 Crafty Cliff agrees knowing well that Rudy's enthusiasm for staying awake all night will wane in a week She actually s four days but not without first seeing (and borrowing hard-boiled dialogue from) every late night 1930s gangster. Denise is sure her English paper deserved an "A" but discovers difference between high school and college when her Professor gives her a "D." When she comes home from college for weekend Denise must explain to her parents why her grades are faltering Also when Clair takes to her bed with a pinched nerve o helps out with family chores – much to Cliff's amazement Guest star: Rosalind Cash as Dr Hughes While Clair is away at a seminar an imaginative and exhausted Cliff dreams up ways to entertain children including that old standby – bucking-horse ride But only Grandpa Huxtable is able to tame troops When Rudy complains she has no one to play with Cliff allows her to have a friend or two sleep over But modest garing soon turns into a rollicking slumber party for eight Guest stars: First appearance of Peter Costa as Peter Huxtables' neighbor Earle Hyman as Russell Alicia Keys (billed under her given name of Alicia Cook) Even after raising three daughters Cliff's in over his head when Rudy reports her first "boy trouble." Clarence boy she likes likes her But his friends taunt him about it so he treats Rudy badly to quiet m Clarence and Rudy's relationship quickly deteriorates from a love match to teasing name-calling and a knock-down drag-out fight Cliff tries to give Rudy his facts-of-life speech ( one about boys being like helicopters and girls being like geraniums) But at school dance wise Mrs McGee pairs Rudy and Clarence and y mend fences all on ir own Guest star: Elaine Stritch It is a labor crisis when Cliff is called to hospital to deliver three babies Meanwhile Vanessa unsuccessy tries to keep her girlfriend from smoking while she is in Huxtable home Denise wants to attend Princeton like her older sister Sondra But Grandpa Russell wants her to attend Hillman to uphold a family tradition Cliff explains to his far prestige of attending a highly regarded school like Princeton until elder Huxtable points out that Hillman produced a highly regarded doctor Cliff O's plans to impress his date by wearing an expensive designer shirt are ruined when Cliff forces him to return extravagant purchase But Denise comes to rescue when she offers to make o an exact copy for a third. Denise surprises Cliff and Clair by returning home a week early from Africa But even more surprising – she brings with her a new husband naval officer Martin Kendall and his 3-year-old daughter Olivia In typical Denise style she not only neglected to tell her parents about her marriage she never even told m about Martin's existence! And it does not take Cliff long to figure out where newlyweds will be living until Martin's naval housing is approved – Huxtable Inn of course Can you ever really be over your ex? In this social experiment 10 smoking-hot celebrity singles think y're running away to a tropical island for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic vacation of fun and sun But just as party is getting started unwanted guests arrive to break up ir good time Paradise turns into a nightmare when ir exes start emerging and everyone is left wondering whose ex will be next Caught in a complicated web of hookups deceit and revenge will old loves reignite? Or will flame of romance be gone for good? Welcome to Ex. Clair hopes an exercise instructor known as " Bonecrusher" will help her fit into her new evening gown Clair throws herself into workouts but her efforts are undermined by a mischievous Cliff It seems he is so upset that she has not told him about her plan to lose five pounds in a week that he will pull every underhanded trick in his book to "test" her willpower – including ultimate temptation: guacamole and. In her annual plea Clair begs Cliff to just hand over his receipts and let her and accountant thrash out tax return But Cliff wants to stake his claims first – to Elvin Sondra twins Olivia and Cousin Pam as Huxtable dependents Caught without an appropriate gift for Deirdre's birthday Kenny tells her he has planned a party for her at Huxtables When Deirdre realizes party is just a spur-of--moment cover-up she dumps Kenny forever Desperate Kenny appeals to Stanley for help Stanley is highly motivated: unless he can convince Deirdre to take Kenny back Rudy Stanley and Kenny could become a threesome again Andrew Roberts | Film | It is bowling-night-as-usual: Cliff's team loses; low bowler buys dinner; that is Cliff During post-game Chinese meal Carleton and Dr Harmon – two cricket-playing Caribbean natives – must endure a walk down baseball's memory lane led by former baseball greats (Frank Robinson and Joe Black) Revenge is sweet though as a late-night game in middle of Huxtable living separates cricketeers from boys of summer Cliff has his hands when he takes Rudy and her friends to see a vaudeville show and none of kids find performers. O Huxtable and his friends are determined to treat ir dates to best prom night money can buy Meanwhile at home Vanessa and Rudy help Cliff give Clair prom she. Bedlam erupts in Huxtable kitchen when Sondra goes into labor In his confusion Elvin drives off to hospital without her When he and Sondra drive to Hospital Sondra is forced to drive car Everyone gars in hospital waiting to hear surprise news – Sondra has delivered twins! Named Winnie and Nelson Also Elvin will re-join Doctor Academy Meanwhile on Huxtable's residence o has second thoughts about his girlfriend Justine when he meets Julia beautiful co-ed who is dating his friend Howard When Cliff and Clair returned home she is trying to figure out what a "Grandma" is Also y enjoy Spaghetti and meatballs cooked by o and Howard O helps Pam improve her grades – so much so that she starts thinking about college Unfortunately her Ivy League dreams are dashed by nightmare of how much it will cost to get re Her classmates are no help eir – jealous of her improving grades undermine her growing confidence At home Olivia announces her intention to become President certain that highest office in land will give her power to create her own flag eat turkey stuffed with french fries and stay up "real. Cliff is excited to join his former teammates from Hillman College in a grudge match against Norton University until he discovers he is 25 years out of shape Josh Culbreath 1956 Olympic bronze medalist guest stars as Sanford B "Tailwind" Turner only man ever to beat Cliff "Combustible" Huxtable A cocky o is sure that in a few years he will easily land a job as a fashion model and have a great car apartment and plenty of spending money So Huxtables stage an elaborate scheme to prove to him that living on your own is not what it is cracked up to be o's lesson in reality starts when Huxtable home is converted into Real World Apartments with Cliff as strictly business landlord Harley Weewax; Clair as restaurant owner Millie Farquar; Denise as shrewd head of a modeling agency; Vanessa as her gum-cracking receptionist and Rudy as hard-nosed bank loan officer Mrs Griswald Tk Burton | Film | Cliff invites a host of relatives and friends to celebrate o's graduation from NYU And despite a scarcity of tickets Cliff just keeps on inviting people o's protests fall on deaf ears "If y ask me y're coming," declares proud far Eight years of magic love and laughter with Huxtable family come to an end as Cliff's invitation list for o's graduation continues to grow At commencement ceremony Cliff thinks back eight years to day he used Monopoly money to illustrate harsh realities of life to n-13-year-old o By time Cliff emerges from his reverie o is already a graduate Cliff and Clair dance cheek-to-cheek one time in Huxtable living – and n dance off set into television history (This was immediately followed by a three-minute "thank you" tribute. Vanessa and her girlfriends display extraordinarily bad judgment when y lie and deceive ir way into borrowing a car and making a trip to Baltimore to see a rock concert behind ir parents' backs journey is disastrous: car is stolen a con artist cheats m out of ir concert tickets and a pickpocket takes all ir travel money But all pales in comparison to reception that awaits Vanessa upon her return home – Hurricane Clair strikes with all fury of a mor scorned! Meanwhile Olivia tries to impress Cliff with. Hosted by WWE superstar and former challenge competitor Mike " Miz" Mizanin this show features 10 of fiercest champions from past Challenge seasons alumni go head to head against 10 celebrity athletes and entertainers in challenge-style competitions to determine who will reign supreme. When Clair's friend Dyan fears her marriage is in trouble she goes to Clair for help Meanwhile Cliff takes a mini-vacation. Bring on hoagies orange sodas and potato chips – it is playoff time But Sondra upsets Elvin's football-watching plans by promising ir help in moving two friends to a new apartment Afraid he will miss entire game Elvin enlists aid of "his brors" o and Martin to hurry things along In day's most exciting match-up Sondra and Nancy defend against moving team's sneaky maneuvers and sloppy execution In or football news Clair demonstrates some impressive baton-twirling moves while Olivia sticks to her original plan to become "Dr Crusher Middle Linebacker" Dustin Rowles | Film | Cliff 'Combustible' Huxtable is thrilled when his former college track rival Colonel Sanford B 'Tailwind' Turner invites him to run prestigious anchor leg of a charity relay race in Penn Relays track meet He is even more excited to discover that his formerly fleet-footed opponent Charlie Stevenson is now fat But Cliff does not realize he is in for surprise of a lifetime Notes: Portions were filmed at Penn Relays held in Philadelphia at University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field Cliff convinces his far Russell a former professional musician to come out of retirement and play with his old band Jazz Caravan in an old-fashioned jam session Since his retirement Russell thinks he is not musician he used to be But Cliff and his mor Anna use reverse psychology to convince him to blow trombone with his pals. Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles helmed by master of ceremonies Nick Cannon stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns all culminating in a rap battle for championship belt. With everyone else out of house o prepares for a romantic evening with his girlfriend Cheryl But his plans are thwarted by Invasion of Romance Snatchers! First Denny and his girlfriend Ellen drop by in mid-spat n Cliff and Clair return home ir ski weekend rained out Grandma and Grandpa Huxtable drop by to borrow a table saw; and Elvin arrives to transport it to ir house in his van By time Cheryl shows up o's so confused he may need rest of evening to figure it. While leafing through a catalog Clair sees that a painting by her great uncle is for sale at an auction She remembers her childhood when painting hung in her grandmor's house but was later sold to pay medical bills Although estimated price for painting is very high Clair is determined to bring it back into family Guest star: John L Marion head of Soby's prestigious New York auction house as auctioneer When Rudy's goldfish dies Cliff struggles over how to break bad news to her Cliff wants to hold a formal funeral in bath but rest of family has or ideas about proper site for "memorial" Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | Roxana Hadadi | Film | While staying at a friend's house for a weekend o has his ear pierced to prove his independence When ear becomes infected o is forced to show Cliff earring and accept his punishment – a lecture from Grandpa O and Justine take a big step without telling eir set of parents and it all comes out literally in wash When Cliff finds Justine's undergarments in o's wash load o comes clean and admits that he and Justine have been living toger ever since her mate moved out When Cliff and Clair refuse to support him unless he returns to his own apartment o takes a bold and defiant stand But level-headed Justine brings reality back into focus for o and toger y make a wise decision for ir future Cliff and his far Russell pay a visit to Huxtables' neighbor Mrs Hickson (Eileen Heckart) Also Sondra and Elvin have an unusual promotional idea for ir wilderness store In this comedy series hosted by Terrence J famous friends become frenemies through a series of fun and daring games Each celebrity is paired with our Safety Crew of comedians who help push ir opponent out of ir comfort zone only thing that can stop humiliation? Using ir SafeWord. Huxtable family is thrilled when Clair's sister Sara announces her engagement Legendary jazz vocalist Joe Williams plays Clair's far Al who refuses to sing at his younger daughter's wedding unless Clair sings with him Clair and her mom Carrie join forces to teach Sara a little something about marriage while Grandpa Al and Cliff chide g-to-be about role of a husband Roscoe Lee Browne and Christopher Plummer guest-star as college professors who help o and Cockroach study Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Also Denise visits for weekend and Cliff insists upon barbecuing even though it is freezing outside Guest stars: Lisa Bonet Christopher Plummer Roscoe Lee Browne Phylicia Rashād Malcolm-Jamal Warner Lisa Bonet Tempestt Bledsoe Keshia Knight Pulliam and Raven-Symoné host this special featuring bloopers from past five seasons Cliff and Clair take a well-earned break from kids and chores depositing Rudy at Grandma's dropping Vanessa at a friend's house and heading for Poconos That leaves o alone in house for weekend When his friends hear about it y organized a party But somehow "intimate garing" of close friends turns into an open house for hundreds most of m strangers house is soon trashed leaving o to face wrath of Cliff who wonders why re is "no place in America to get rid of. Preparing for a school project Olivia seeks out a more reliable source after Cliff tells her a bunch of outrageous stories about himself at age six Among or things it seems that Cliff's first bicycle hangs in Smithsonian next to Spirit of St Louis! Olivia brings Russell on as a consultant who relates some interesting (and true) stories about young Cliff that even Cliff has forgotten Meanwhile o's students at community center thrash out moral and ethical dilemma presented by ir discovery of a monogrammed money clip containing $600. To warm up for his night out with Clair and ir friends Cliff shows off a few of his dance moves in living Denise claims her far's footwork is old-fashioned and boring and that break-dancing is superior art form To show Denise and her friends what dancing is really about Cliff invites his friends Ralph and Marie over to teach teenagers how to jitterbug O finds a battered young boy at playground of Keystone Community Center and takes him to Center's director Tony Castillo played by guest star Tony Orlando Cliff o and Tony try to help boy but get no response Tony however senses re is something special about child and remains patient and determined to win him over Guest stars: Alexis Cruz as Enrique Tarron Ada Maris as Selena Cruz Angela Bassett as Mrs Mitchell Lisa Mordente as Expectant Mor #1 Catfish: TV Show brings couples toger who've interacted solely through internet y've supposedly fallen in love -- but what will happen when y meet in real life for. Sondra's smitten with her boyfriend Elvin who is not always reliable But Cliff prefers a different guy for her Daryl a pre-med student who he thinks would make a great addition to family When Sondra and Elvin have anor fight she spitey makes a date with Daryl while Cliff coaches would-be suitor on how to win. As Halloween approaches Huxtables make elaborate preparations and look forward to dressing up in outlandish costumes Vanessa spends most of her Halloween party trying to mask her true feelings for Robert whom all girls think is coolest guy in seventh grade O begins his internship in psychology as a counselor at a local community center His new charges test him immediately Wise to ir tricks because he used to pull m himself o wins a few skirmishes but n loses his cool next day he is less concerned about his image and more interested in helping his kids One student Stanley reminds him of himself when he was younger: defensive about his messy notebook sloppy handwriting and slow reading speed Thus o begins to suspect that Stanley has a learning disability too Guest star: Lynne Thigpen A thrifty Cliff pretends to be a man of meager means when he shops for a new car But his attempt to hustle salesman fails when a window shopper recognizes disguised Cliff as Dr Huxtable Meanwhile Rudy cuts pictures out of a book for a school project unaware that she is destroying Cliff's prized encyclopedia collection Guest stars: Gilbert Gottfried and Sinbad Kayleigh Donaldson | Film |

Cliff's ingestion of a sausage hero immediately before bedtime brings on a dream in which spores contaminate U.S water supply (except in New Jersey) and impregnate thousands of men including Cliff Elvin and Martin o only unwed mor-to-be soon joins m y commiserate and console each or but ir solace is short-lived Contractions send m all to hospital and into most bizarre delivery Clair and Denise attend a bridal shower for Denise's girlfriend And while mood is festive Denise confides in her mor that she is worried for her friend who is marrying at a young age and is pregnant Also Clair banishes Cliff and o after y try to crash affair Brian Richards | Film | Vanessa is confident that her science project will bring her usual top honors she expects until she discovers that or students in her new advanced-placement class are much more competitive than she thought Iconic series Total Request Live has returned In this new iteration weekly top five music videos are presented with special guests adding ir favorite songs to playlist. Sondra and Elvin shock Cliff and Clair when y return from ir honeymoon camping trip with a surprising announcement newlyweds have decided to give up ir respective career paths to open a camping store in Brooklyn Vanessa a straight A student finds that her grades suffer when she studies with Robert a classmate that she has a crush on With a big school dance coming up she is afraid to show her parents a bad test grade fearing y will keep her home night of dance Vanessa wears Denise's new sweater without her sister's permission causing an all-out brawl between two Alyssa Fikse | Film | When Vanessa invites two friends over to visit y see large well-furnished Huxtable home and report back to or kids at school that Vanessa is a rich girl and decide she must be stuck up Angered and insulted Vanessa gets into a fist fight to defend her reputation When o brings home a poor report card he claims he does not need good grades to get a job So Cliff gives him an economics lesson with Monopoly money Much to Cliff's dismay Denise goes on a date with Rafael an older man who is a former merchant marine Cliff and Clair's plans for a quiet night are ruined when Vanessa and Rudy can't sleep with Rudy claiming wolf man was growling in her closet While Cliff snoops around trying to discover his special birthday surprise a clever Clair has arranged for Huxtable family to see legendary performer Lena Horne Cliff is beside himself when Lena dedicates a song to him and invites family to her dressing.